Alonzo A. Heath

Alonzo A. Heath

I am  a writer and I live in Ohio.  I have authored the content of LonnieHeath.Com for over ten years.   I am  also a regular contributor to Success Central and Successfully Selling.   You can find me on Google+ and Twitter.  Check out my new book, "Seven Days in June" on



Saturday, 23 April 2016 11:42


I marvel at the creativity and imagination of children.  In the absence of gadgets, electronics and the like, the younger ones still manage to find something interesting, even if it involves playing with an empty box.  They see castles and dragons;  and rescue damsels in distress.  They traverse mountains, soar with eagles, and hit the game winning homerun.   It so simple.  Yet beautifully creative.

Tuesday, 19 April 2016 19:34

The Grave Whisperer

I use this description, tongue in cheek, when I think of my good friend, Brad. We’ve known each other for a number of years, but when we first met, I found that he had a pretty interesting hobby. At first, I thought it a bit strange. But as I got to know my friend, I came to understand it. In fact, when we traveled together, I began to expect it. Because you see, my friend Brad, has an affinity for the past.

Monday, 11 April 2016 11:06

Own Up to It

A while back, I spent a weekend with a very special group of people. Who they were and why they had assembled isn’t important. I wasn’t one of them, but I grew up witnessing their struggle. They were there to celebrate and I was honored to be among them. And while the celebration was underscored with pomp and fanfare, having the appropriate doses of laughs and hilarity, more importantly it carried an underlying theme of personal responsibility.


Monday, 17 November 2014 18:27

I Used to Travel...A lot

I used to travel for business. It seemed almost weekly. At first, I thought it was kind of cool. But it dragged on until it it just became work. It exacted a toll, a price, that some are willing to pay. And,  I willingly paid it. But I often ask myself if what I received in return was worth the investment.   

Monday, 10 November 2014 19:56

Little Acorns

There's an old saying, "Mighty oaks from little acorns grow.”  It’s a given and something that we can always bank upon.      
Wednesday, 03 September 2014 04:00

I Never Scored a Touchdown

I never hit a homeroom, sank the winning shot, or scored a touchdown. Growing up, I played all of the sports, but not the way they were meant to be played. In my hometown we had expectations. We didn't have an "everyone plays rule". Our rule was simple. Only the best, most deserving played. And that wasn't me. But my brothers, well, they were Massillon Tigers.

Tuesday, 19 August 2014 00:00

Seven Days in June

I'm happy to announce that my latest work, Seven Days in June, is now available on The novel explores what the main character, Bobby Foster,an unemployed part-time college student, must do when when he found himself unexpectedly thrust into a circumstance against his will and completely out of his control. It's a circumstance that required him to make choices and come to decisions that would alter his life's direction and dramatically impact the lives of family and close friends.

Tuesday, 19 August 2014 00:00

The Road to Nowhere

"Let's go down that road," my companion suggested, peering down at a deserted artery that snaked through the arid Chihuahuan Desert. We'd been traveling for most of the day, having left San Antonio, Texas earlier in the morning. We were on our way to Amarillo, but somehow, I had allowed myself to be talked into a bunch of detours here and there, and now found myself standing on a small cliff, overlooking an New Mexico two lane highway that looked as though it had no purpose.

Friday, 29 June 2007 00:00

John Maxwell and Leadership

The other day I was flipping through the television channels and I came across a talk show program that had John Maxwell as its special guest.  I listened to the program for a few moments, paying particularly close attention to John Maxwell's answers to the interviewers questions.  What impressed me about the interview was Maxwell's consistency.  From the day I first found about John Maxwell  to this day, his advice, insight, and commitment to leadership has been consistent and inspirational.

Tuesday, 06 January 2009 00:00

Don't Nobody Bring Me No Bad News

A popular movie back in 1978 was a movie starring Diana Ross, Michael Jackson, and Richard Pryor called, "The Wiz."  While Ross and Jackson provided the bulk of the singing in the movie, one hidden nugget was a number by Mabel King, who played the character "Evilene", called, "Don't Nobody Bring Me No Bad News."

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