Tuesday, 19 August 2014 00:00

Seven Days in June

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I'm happy to announce that my latest work, Seven Days in June, is now available on Amazon.com. The novel explores what the main character, Bobby Foster,an unemployed part-time college student, must do when when he found himself unexpectedly thrust into a circumstance against his will and completely out of his control. It's a circumstance that required him to make choices and come to decisions that would alter his life's direction and dramatically impact the lives of family and close friends.

Tuesday, 15 July 2014 00:00

We Used to Fix Things

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We used to fix things, a long time ago. We didn't throw them out. We didn't buy new ones. When they quit running, we either fixed them, or took them to someone who could. We were not a disposable society. Things had meaning. They had a purpose. And so, we didn't easily give up on our things.

Sunday, 13 April 2014 00:00

The Braun Secret

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What if you thought you lived an ordinary life with an ordinary person? And in this ordinary existence, you went about your daily routine happy that you were with the one you loved and satisfied with your quiet, ordinary life. But one day, quite unexpectedly, this ordinary life becomes dangerously unpredictable yet thrillingly invigorating. And then you find that this ordinary person, with whom you have lived, is indeed quite extraordinary, and takes you on an adventure of a lifetime.

Saturday, 22 March 2014 00:00

It's All W.C.'s Fault

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My kids wonder why I'm so attentive when I get into the car and start it up. I listen closely as the engine whines and then revs up. I'll listen to the radio., albeit turned low, as I drive.  But when one of the kids reach over and try to turn it up, I stop them. You see, I'm listening. And this is all W.C.'s fault.

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