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Once Upon a Time in January

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Many years ago, in January of 1971, a car pulled up in front of the house shown in the photograph above. It was driven by a good man, who had with him three of his four sons. And when they pulled up, this man, blew his horn, and a young teen emerged from the house. The youngest son of a single parent, he adjusted his coat, and walked toward the car. And while he neared the car, one of the occupants, reached out and snapped this photograph, on that cold January day, 43 years ago.

Monday, 02 December 2013 00:00

Sonja's Tea

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I came into possession of Sonja's Tea through a friend. To that point, I was not a tea aficionado. I'd have coffee, but not tea. I don't know what it was about tea that that made it one of my least preferred beverages. I drank it occasionally, but as a rule; I usually passed on a cup of hot tea. I did this knowing that some teas are actually pretty good for my health. I was reminded of this many years ago, in Dallas, while getting my car inspected. I was at a small privately owned inspection center and there were beverages in the waiting area. I went over to fix a cup of coffee, but instead, found only green tea. When I went over to the attendant, an elderly woman, and complained to her about the situation, she said, "We only offer green tea because we care about our customers' health." I laughed, but ignored her advice. That is, until Sonja's Tea arrived in my mail.

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I Grew Up in Dodge

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It's nestled along the banks of the Tuscarawas River. Today, it's a slow town, having seen its heyday. Back in mid-20th century, it produced some of the finest steel in the world. Its high school football team, through the early seventies, had won the state of Ohio's High School Football Championship twenty-one times. It was the home of a decent list of famous and notable historic figures, like Paul Brown and the Gish sisters. And when I think of this place, I smile and reminisce with fond memories because I grew up in this wonderful burg. I'm from Dodge.

Wednesday, 16 October 2013 00:00

Pen Pals and Cursive

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The world is so much smaller than it used to be. And as it has gotten smaller, our expectations have gotten so much larger. We want everything now. It reflects in the way that we do business and it the way we live our lives. We send texts and emails that are delivered instantly. We Skype, Facetime and post our life stories on social media sites like Facebook. We Tweet, Pin, and Instagram. And we have sites, like Youtube, that remind us of our moments of stupidity. And we unabashedly share our photos to people all over the world, sometimes, without thought. Our world has changed so much.

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