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Above the Clouds!

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A few years ago I was flying out of Northwest Arkansas on an early morning flight.  I was suppose to have left the night before, but a rash of unexpected, violent storms grounded all flights for the evening so I was re-booked on the first flight out in the morning.  As I boarded my flight, the storms had moved on but showers remained behind, so as I took my seat on the plane, a constant stream of rain pelted the regional jet.  Sitting next to me was a teenage girl. She looked a little nervous. 

I surmised that she was probably a first time flier. It couldn't have been easy for her, flying alone and flying for the first time.  The rain was not helping.  Even though I am a veteran flier, weather makes me nervous.  I hate bumps and weather always results in bumps.   I asked her if she was OK.  She glanced at me quickly, shot a nervous grin, said "yes" and folded her hands in her lap and looked nervously out the wind, and rocked back and forth in her seat.  I let her be and opened my newspaper.

It wasn't too long before we were heading down the runway.  As we sped towards take-off, the young lady rocked more nervously.  Before long, we were airborne, beneath the clouds.  As our plane bounced slightly back and forth I noticed my seatmate kept looking at the gray outside the window.  For nearly five minutes she stared out the window into the gray atmosphere. 

As we ascended higher, the gray began to lighten and give way.  And suddenly, the plane escaped the last vestiges of the clouds and plunged upward into the wonderful rays of the sun.  Suddenly, what had been a cloudy and drab day now became a brilliant beautiful day.  Almost simultaneously as the sun lit up the cabin, the young teen sitting next to me lit up as well and shouted, "Awesome.  How cool is this!"   Her once nervous manner and worry quickly disappeared.

And so is life.  Sometimes things are bleak and grim and it doesn't look as though we are ever going to be able to break ourselves free of our trials, troubles and worries.  But if we just allow ourselves to ascend beyond the clouds - the doubt, the murkiness of our situation - we are going to be met with the rays of hope.  Often, a little sunshine in our life is all we need to renew our energy, fuel our desire and give a jump start to our perseverance and then we can see our situation with clarity and confidence.  Suddenly, nothing seems insurmountable.  Our problems don't seem as bad.  Our worries tend to be less worrisome. 

After rising above the clouds the teenager next to me had a renewed personality.  She became chatty, friendly and less concerned with flying.  And all it took was a little sunshine in her day. 

Make today the day that you rise above the clouds. 

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