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Like many, I'll miss Michael Jackson.  As much of the hoopla surrounding his death begins to wane (unfortunately, it's not over by a long shot!) I felt it a good time to comment.  While I'll miss his music, I feel much the same when Lou Rawls, Isaac Hayes, or Luther Vandross died.  I miss genius.  Just like so many others, Michael was true genius.

Michael Jackson's death was particularly hard for many of us to take.  He represented our time.  We came through all this stuff - the late sixties, the seventies, the eighties, and the nineties together.  We aged together.  All the while, we listened to his music.  He really was one of us.  We know his songs.  Most of us have our favorite that we sing in the shower.  We know the words, the high notes that we struggle to hit and always seem to mess up.  We were are not the Thriller generation.  Nor are we the "Bad" generation.  We are, and remain, the "I Want You Back" generation, or the "Off the Wall" people.  We knew Michael when.  And we'll miss him.

The early stuff, that we could identify with, proved he was a great crooner.  We could easily stack him up against the Al's, Teddy's and Peabo's of the business. 

The later stuff, the stuff that we were not a part of, (but of course listened to), exposed his genius for all the world to hear.  So while we were not the Thriller crowd, we bought and we listened.  And we appreciated.  Thriller and beyond only confirmed what we had known since we first heard him sing - that we were dealing with super-stardom. 

So, he'll be missed.  The circumstances surrounding his passing are really not that important to us.  Sure, we were shocked.  But once again, what we felt were the seemingly immortal, became earthly and exposed us all to our own mortality.  A simple reminder from the man above that our time here is limited.  We don't know when our flame will be extinguished.  So enjoy the music.  Appreciate the music.  Now. 

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