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Taking Back America?

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\America has been stolen.  At least that is what many people want us to believe.  So, under the protection of the American Flag and the U.S. Constitution, they scream to whoever will listen that we need to take our country back.  My question is, from who?  No foreign power has invaded our country, no military coup took over our government.  So, again, I ask, take back our country from who?

We live in a democracy.  Every four years we elect a new President.  Every two years we elect representatives to the House, and every six years we elect Senators.  Now and then, a new judge is appointed by the standing President to the Supreme Court.  It's a wonderful system-not perfect-but nevertheless, effective.  It has stood the test of time for over 200 years, and its still going strong. 

No, America hasn't been stolen.  As a people, we went to the polls and exercised our choice.  We elected a new administration.  And America still strives.  Not because it espouses the views of one political party - it survives because it stays true to the principles upon which this country was founded and for which the foundation of our government was laid.  Our country has survived many wars and many administrations.  That's what's so neat about the United States.  In a few more years, we can go to the polls again, and elect or new administration or re-elect the current one.  So, we don't need to take America back from anyone.  It doesn't belong to anyONE. 

America belongs to the Native Americans, that welcomed Europeans with open arms and shared their land and knowledge so that those new strangers to their shores could survive. 

America belongs to the descendants of the Pilgrims, who were persecuted and jailed because of their religious convictions and instead of accepting what they didn't believe in, they faced the hazards of the open seas so that they could practice their beliefs in peace.

America belongs to the African American, whose relatives were stolen, chained, and survived the arduous journey of the Middle Passage, in cramped, inhumane conditions, only to be sold like cattle in an open auction when they arrived.

America belongs to the Irish who came to this country, greated by Lady Liberty and processed  in Ellis Island, to escape famine in their native land.

America belongs to Italians, Greeks, Turks, Armenians, Chinese, Japanese, Mexicans, Cubans, Puerto Ricans - the list is endless.

America does not belong to anyONE because it belongs to EVERYONE. 

Everyone within the confines our our borders have helped to make this country great. So no one has stolen our country.  It's in good hands. Its in our hands. 

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