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A Cup of Coffee

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My mother was an early riser. Typically, by 5:00 in the morning she was up and about, having her first cup of coffee. I use to think that my mother was a coffee addict. Each morning, without fail, she would sit at the kitchen table and sip her coffee alone, staring pensively into space. I never thought much about it while growing up. I was a kid and finding meaning in such actions really were not at the top of my agenda. Of course, had I been in tune, I would have learned a lot from her early morning vigil.

You see, it was never about the coffee. My mother was a single parent. Her days were busy, sunrise to sunset. Someone was always coming or going, needing this or that. As the only parent, she did everything she could to provide for us. All of this required having a keen sense of awareness and exceptional planning skills. That cup of coffee, in the quiet of the morning hours was so much more than a refreshing respite from the hustle and bustle of single motherhood. It was her "think" time - a very critical time in her day that required her full attention and focus.

It was during that time that she planned her day, her week, her month. It was then that she figured "it all out" - how she was going to make it on her meager wages, how the bills would be paid, how the children would be fed, how clothes would be bought. She did it at the earliest time in the morning, when she could could guarantee the solitude she needed to make sense out of her entire situation.

Shortly after she passed away in 1996, it finally made sense to me. "Think" time was important time - essential time, in our every day lives. It is so important that the prominent leadership expert, John C. Maxwell, wrote an entire book about it titled, "Thinking for a Change."

So what is "think" time? It is a small portion of the day, that you sit aside so that you can go off, in solitude, and just think. You will be amazed at the ideas, the creativity that begins to spew forth when you sit alone and just take time with yourself. My mother, without the benefit of higher education, knew this instinctively and relied upon it daily. It was more than just a cup of coffee in the morning.

"Think" time is critical time. Have you had your cup of coffee today?


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