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Sonja's Tea

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I came into possession of Sonja's Tea through a friend. To that point, I was not a tea aficionado. I'd have coffee, but not tea. I don't know what it was about tea that that made it one of my least preferred beverages. I drank it occasionally, but as a rule; I usually passed on a cup of hot tea. I did this knowing that some teas are actually pretty good for my health. I was reminded of this many years ago, in Dallas, while getting my car inspected. I was at a small privately owned inspection center and there were beverages in the waiting area. I went over to fix a cup of coffee, but instead, found only green tea. When I went over to the attendant, an elderly woman, and complained to her about the situation, she said, "We only offer green tea because we care about our customers' health." I laughed, but ignored her advice. That is, until Sonja's Tea arrived in my mail.

We do things to our bodies knowing that the end result is not going to be pretty. I have some friends that go out and drink like no one's business and the next day, find themselves ruing the day they picked up a bottle of booze. And others, like me, eat things we know we have no business eating. So one day, as my mother use to say, "my eyes were bigger than my stomach." I ate a few things that didn't agree with me. The next day, when a heavy price was being exacted upon my body, I remembered that a friend had sent me some tea that she had gotten from a German friend. She called it Sonja's Tea. So, in desperation, I tried it. And miraculously, in just a few minutes, I began to feel better. After that occasion, I began to drink the tea for just about everything that ailed me. And usually, I felt better. And now, even when I'm in a bad mood, I have a cup of Sonja's Tea. It just seems to help.

There are so many things out there that are good for us, but we ignore them. We walk past them everyday. Some grow in our own backyards, but we are unaware of their existence and healing properties. My mother was a big believer in country medicine. She even had a book of recipes that showed how to make all types of healthy medicines. And she actively used them. Some people approach herbal medicines and remedies with quite a bit of skepticism. And sometimes, I do as well. When an antibiotic is needed, I'll use it. But I've also come to believe that I benefit most from a good balance of natural remedies and prescribed medications.

Many of us have become part of a pill-popping culture. We carry pain relievers with us everywhere we go. When we have a cold, it's off to the pharmacy to buy an assortment of medicines. I'm not condemning people who do that. They do what they think is necessary for them to feel better. I have found that oftentimes, relief might simply be found in the kitchen. It's taken me a bit of reading and investigation, but I'm comfortable with the balance that I have adopted. And for me, it all started with a cup of Sonja's Tea.

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