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The Wendelstein

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There is this mountain called The Wendelstein. It's in German Bavaria. To get to it, you just go some kilometers south of Munich, to the Roseheim District, and park your car in a little small parking area near the quaint village of St. Maragarethen.

You will see the Wendelstein from miles away as you near it. And what makes it so unique, so wonderful, is that from its summit, it offers breath taking vistas and views of the Alps and of the valley below. It is very exposed and because of this, its unobscured views are the reason it has been a favorite of Germans and tourists for hundreds of years.  And I walked up that mountain.

There are four ways to get to the top of the mountain. I was told that I could go to the city of Branneburg and take the train to the top - yes, there is a train that stops at a station just short of the summit. Near the train station are also cable cars that will take visitors near the top as well. You can also walk. All the way or part of the way. There is a well maintained trail that starts at the base and goes to the top. While it can be a steep climb at times, the views alone make it worth the hike. From its base to the summit, the 6,000 feet tall Wendelstein, is a very difficult ascent, even for the more experienced, so I chose to hike to a location about 600 meters short of the summit called the Mitter Alm, and then take the train the remaining distance.

Honestly, it was a very difficult walk for me. You see, I hate heights.  And before I took the trek up the mountain, I came up with nearly every excuse I could think of, to get out of it.  But, I put my fears aside, and went for it.  I found myself at times hugging the inner path, safely away from the edge. My poor conditioning nearly compromised my goal of making it to the top. But after three or so hours I was just a few feet short of the summit taking in the wonderful vistas offered by the Alps and the valley below.  By setting my fears aside (no, I haven't conquered my fear of heights yet, but I'm working on it) I was able to see the true beauty of that wonderful day.

Sometimes we need to step outside of our protective, comfort zone and push the edges of our own envelope. We miss so many wonderful blessing because we allow fear to get in our way. My hike to the top of the Wendelstein Mountain almost didn't happen because of my trepidation. But by ignoring that, and listening to good advice from a friend, I now have an experience that will last a lifetime. What fears have you conquered, lately?

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