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Little Acorns

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There's an old saying, "Mighty oaks from little acorns grow.”  It’s a given and something that we can always bank upon.      

I happened across these acorns at a nature preserve, in Northern Ohio, while enjoying the fall splendor. When I saw them on the ground, it made me think about how brilliant of a decision it was for this municipality to set aside a nature preserve for the community and visitors to enjoy. While we love to build things, we have always been (at least during my lifetime) preservationists. We preserve old buildings and restore them to their regal elegance. We note, by roadside markers, plaques, and monuments, where significant events that shaped our history, occurred. We have set aside millions of acres of land and designated them as forests and parks. We are committed to making sure that our progress pay proper respect to our history and our wonderful surroundings. And at every level of government, we have set up regulating bodies and established regulations to protect these beautiful preserves and historical sites. And this is good.

Yet when it comes to global warming, we panic. We deny. We point fingers and accuse scientists of needlessly alarming the public. And I don't know if global warming is real or not. I don't really care. While I tend to believe the scientists, I don't make a point of arguing about it with my friends. Because you see, regardless if global warming exists or not, I do know that we only have one earth. And darn, I just believe that our earth is worth protecting.

You see, in industrialized nations we believe in insurance. We purchase it for our homes, autos, health, and even life. But with the exception of life insurance, there is no certainty that we will ever have to utilize the others forms of insurance. We buy them to protect ourselves, in case something happens. Some people drive their car for a lifetime and never have an accident. Some people never have to see a doctor. And while we buy insurance to protect us in the event we need to replace something, the thought of taking the risk to go without it, is something most of us would never imagine.

We are preservationists. But when global warming alarmists warn us of potential disasters that could befall our earth because of all the crazy things we do in the name of profit, we point the finger and call them charlatans and mad scientists. But I, for one, knowing that we only have ONE earth, am inclined to err on the side of caution. There's no harm in listening to these good folk and implementing some of the things they are suggesting. Maybe nothing will happen. And if if it doesn't, we will have a cleaner and greener planet in which to live. But if we don't do anything and find ourselves battling for the survival of humankind, we only have ourselves to blame. This earth was given to us in pristine condition. And it is our responsibility to be good stewards and ensure as we hand it off to future generations, we are giving them a clean house.

So yes, mighty oaks from little acorns grow. If we give them a chance.

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