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Five Pounds of Sugar!

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Goals are hard to reach.  You have to work hard, be disciplined, and keep your eye on the "prize".  They get harder in the light of criticism.  Regardless of how well you do and the benefit that it will have for either you or others, there will be those that are standing ready to criticize.  Well, the next time you are confronted by these folk, just take a moment and toss a five pound bag of sugar there way! Let me explain. 

One of the hardest things to do is to lose weight.  Many of us have struggled with weight for years and from time to time have put together a valiant effort to lose a pound here and there.  But many folk that are not involved in a diet program, either because they are in denial, or they legitimately don't have to worry about losing weight, greet our victories with a yawn.  Announce to them that you've lost five pound and they look at you as though it's not big deal.  That's what I mean by "tossing a bag of sugar" their way.  Give them a five pound bag of sugar and announce proudly, "That's what I lost and that's a big deal.  And guess what, I'm going to lose more!"  When you are physically holding a bag of sugar in your hand, and feel the weight, you begin to realize that losing five pounds is a big deal.  In the whole scheme of things, it may be an inch at a time, but before you know it, that inch has become a foot.

Such is the case with goals.  Sometimes major goals are filled with small achievements along the way.  But collectively, over time, they add up to huge wins.  What we have a tendency to do though, is to lose our fire, let our passion wane, because of the opinions and words of others.  We allow those words to derail our efforts and we quit trying.  So, the next time you announce to someone that you are taking on a big, audacious goal, if they yawn, if they hem and haw, if they look at you as though it's no big deal, toss a five pound bag of sugar their way, and go about achieving your big, bad goals.

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