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Sunflower and Penguins

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Sometimes you wonder why certain things are put on your path. Many times, as you encounter them, they don't seem to make too much sense – they don't match. And this is certainly the case with sunflowers and penguins. At first glance, there is no match.

That's how it is when we look at things. Often we look and we don't really see what we need to see at all. We look with the same eyes, in the same way, with the same feeling and meaning that we always have. We are myopic, set in our ways and convinced that there is nothing more to see - Only what we think we see or have been told to see.

This is why artists are so unique. When they see a scene, they don't see what we see. And it's a good thing that they don't because if they did, we would be deprived of much beauty in this world. So, from time to time, we need to borrow the eyes of these artists so that we can see our world in a different, and possibly proper, perspective.

Over the past couple of years, for some reason, both penguins and sunflowers have been placed in my path. I have seen many penguins at the zoo, and quite frankly, because they were at the zoo I saw them with the same curiosity as most – just long enough to gawk for a minute and then keep moving to the next attraction. Equally, I have seen many sunflowers in my life. As a child, they grew in my family's back yard. As an adult, I have driven past many fields that were dotted with these marvelous plants. But I kept on driving.

But it occurs to me now, when I think about those times I saw those sunflowers growing and when I observed those penguins frolicking, both scenes brought a smile to my face. And so, there is the common link – Penguins and sunflowers make me smile. In fact, when I see the beautiful, tall, majestic sunflower plant reaching for the sky I cannot help but smile. When I see the penguins slipping and sliding, busy in and out the water, going about their day, I feel good inside. I smile. And I figure anything that makes me smile is certainly worth my time. And so, I stop and visit for a while. I take the time to feel the breeze as it sweeps across the top of the sunflowers and gently swirls about me while I admire the beauty of this wonderful, aptly named plant. I pause as I watch the penguin interacting and communing. I look at both instances with different eyes. I finally see.

I don't what your penguins and sunflowers might be. Perhaps they hummingbirds and roses. Or horses and butterflies – but whatever those things are around you that make you smile, slow down, take them in and hold on. See your world in a new light with a fresh perspective and untarnished vision. Go ahead, smile. It will make you feel good.

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