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What Happened to Sundays?

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Today I went out and had the brakes done on the car.  While I sat in the lobby of the brake shop, I looked out the window and noticed the hustle and bustle of the day.  There were traffic jams at the intersection and it seemed every business in this busy strip was open for business.  It amused me because today is Sunday and Sunday's weren't always like this.

There was a time, in the not too distant past, where nothing was opened on a Sunday.  If a shop, business or service station was open for business, it was an aberration and not the norm.  Even the grocery stores were closed.  While I admit, at times, it was inconvenient, but it worked.  Perhaps it worked because we spent our times on Sunday more wisely than we do today.  We took the last day of the week off because we needed this.  Our lives were full Monday through Saturdays.  Sunday was a time for relaxation.

When I was a child, Sundays were reserved for church and rest.  My mother refused to work on,  as she called it, "The Lord's Day".   She wouldn't do laundry, sew, or clean.  The only work she did on Sunday was cook .  Sunday's were magical.  Often, I tried to finagle my way out of attending church.  Sometimes, even though she could see through me like a pane of glass, my mother would allow me to stay home and get a little extra sleep.  Sunday afternoons, especially in the summer, I would sit underneath our dining room window,  while a cool gentle breeze massaged the back of my neck, and watch old Westerns.  The smell from my mother's wonderful cooking was the only thing that could move me from my perch.  Sundays were lazy, stress relieving days.

Of course necessity (and possibly greed) have forced us to abandon the wonderment of an old fashioned Sunday.  I don't know or remember when the tide began to turn on this tradition. Perhaps it was when supermarkets decided to open their doors or when huge shopping malls began to sprout in the suburbs.  It seems like one night, when every thing was so simple, we went to sleep and the next morning awoke to an entirely new reality of everything being "Open for Business" on Sundays.

And while I admit, it is convenient to be able to run to the mall Sunday afternoon to pick up a few things or hit the grocery store for a 1/2 gallon or milk or, as in my case, get the brakes done on the car;  sometimes I yearn for the simpler days of Spaghetti Westerns, Abbott and Costello reruns, and relaxing on the front porch swing on a Sunday evening  without worry or care.

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