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God Coming Down From Heaven

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One of the many beautiful, natural wonders of nature is when rays of sunshine find their way through the clouds and brighten up the horizon. It is a magnificent sight and comes with a calm. To me, it used to signify that the storm was over. The clouds were breaking apart and we were in store for a wonderful day. But today, when I see those rays fall to earth, it means so much more.

A young girl once said to her mother, upon seeing these rays peek through the clouds, that they were God coming down from Heaven. When I was told this story, I could only smile. I have always believed that young children are so pure and innocent at heart that they can see things with their eyes that we as adults are incapable of witnessing. We have become jaded with the realities of life and through this journey into adulthood we tend to lose our faith, our foresight and often our belief in miracles. It just seems that the young are true to the faith and belief that God has instilled within them. They can foretell and forecast happiness that we, as adults can never imagine nor see. And so, when this young girl said to her mother that these rays of sunshine were God coming down from Heaven, she witnessed with the innocence of pure eyes and the belief in miracles. It must have been a beautiful moment when she relayed this wonderful, touching observation to her mother.

So now when I see these rays I no longer see them as an indication that the storm has passed. I see them as yet another miracle God has given to us. And when I pause and look closely at them to admire their beauty, I do believe that I see God ascending down from the Heavens. And riding on His or Her shoulders and gleefully basking in the warmth of the rays is that little young girl that gifted us this miracle.

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Alonzo A. Heath

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