About Lonnie Heath

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Alonzo Heath, Author and founder of LonnieHeath.ComI'm Alonzo Heath (also know as Lonnie Heath).  I started this blog in 2003 as a forum to share my ideas and opinions.  But since then, it has evolved into much more. Today, I have many stories on the site, but fewer opinions. The internet is full of non-factual based blogs that spew unsubstantiated bullshit out to their reader’s. You’re not going to find that here. From time to time, I may have an opinion, and we’ll let you know that it is an opinion. But, I tend to steer clear of that.

What you will find on this site are my stories. Some good, some, well, you know. I also include stuff about my books.  

If you have any suggestions that you feel will make what I'm doing more impactful and inspiring, let me know. My goal to make sure that what I contribute to the internet is positive, entertaining, inspiring and uplifting.   Enjoy your visit and come back often. 

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